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Maximillion wearing his first coat - not an 
Everfast Greyhound Coat

If you have a greyhound whether retired or not I am sure that you adore him or her with all your heart.  You want only the very best for your greyhound and you want everyone who sees your greyhound to be fascinated.  It is that fascination and that love that became the inception of Everfast Greyhound Race Coats.

I made a few greyhound coats for my first greyhound, Maximillion, however, they were not very special.  They were much better than what was available regarding design and colors.  They were not what I would call super illustrated graphic designs, just plain colors and big applique numbers and snaps for closure fitting.  The image above illustrates a very nice coat that was a gift from a friend in Seatle that has been rescuing greyhounds her entire adult life.  Max swore out the embroidery, and the velcro fasteners and the coat in just a short time.  This was the inspiration to design my own special greyhound coats.

After my Max, first greyhound passed away I started creating really unique artwork illustrating greyhounds.  I was blessed to receive another greyhound which I rescued from the Agua Caliente Race Track in Tijuana.  It was not long before I started creating greyhound coats with really wild graphic designs.  I wanted to use appliques instead of embroidary for the illustrations.  I also did not want to use velcro to fasten the coats as velcro was not very durable method of fastenning the coats.

I wanted the coats to wrap around the greyhound's body with an ajustable custom fit that would fastened with snaps.  I also wanted the coats to have a removable inner linning so the greyhound could be warm in the winter.  The designs are available in different color pallettes, and your greyhound race jacket can have your greyhounds name added to the design.  Each coat is custom tailored for your greyhound so you will need to provide some simple measurements.  We will provide a form for you to fill in the measurements for your greyhound's custom fit. If you have any questions please inquire about our greyhound race jackets here. Contact us

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