Official Greyhound Color Chart

Official Greyhound Color Chart
You are welcome to download our greyhound color chart
After Maximillion, my first greyhound passed away I became very distraught and sad.  To feel close to him I visited the Agua Caliente Greyhound Race Track in Tijuana.  To deal with the heartbreak I started creating really unique illustrations in PhotoShop that became a very popular collection of Greyhound Artwork.  You can check the artwork out on my Flickr Page Greyhound Art by Jeffrey Hunter.

I became friendly with the track vet during my many visits.  I created this Official Greyhound Color Chart for him to hang in the office which is part of the paddock or corral where the greyhounds are drug tested, weighed, and prepared for racing.  When I gave it to him he seemed very pleased - it was a busy time for him as there were many greyhounds in the paddock waiting for the race or having just returned.

His head down as he approached me he whispered, "they love to run."  He loved his greyhounds - that was something that was very obvious.

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