Greyhounds Are Not Dogs

Are Greyhounds Dogs?
Greyhounds are not dogs
Greyhounds are not dogs
Satire?  No, seriously, anyone who has a greyhound in their life will tell you that they are not dogs. Greyhounds are not like dogs in many ways especially when considering their intelligence, let alone their unique appearance . They are over a 6000 year pure breed which dates the greyhound to the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations.

The Egyptians and Sumerians have been tied to the Anunnaki extraterrestrials by historians like Zecharia Sitchin - the Anunnaki - Wikipedia who studied the ancient Sumerian civilization. Anyone who has become aware of the fact that there have been extraterrestrials on Earth for thousands of years if not hundreds of thousands understands that there have been great influences to life on our planet by an extraterrestrial race.

Considering the Sumerian tablet drawings and other artifacts in Egypt that illustrate greyhounds it makes sense that the greyhound was brought to Earth with their Anunnaki Masters when they were mining anatomic gold here.  According to thousands of Sumerian Tablets, the human race was created by these extraterrestrials.  The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts.

I make no casual reference here and could go into great details about my beliefs. Checkout the video above and search Google for other videos and sites that illustrate the Anunnaki.

Anunnaki Greyhounds
Anunnaki Greyhounds
greyhounds are not dogs
Greyhounds are not dogs

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