Monday, May 22, 2017

If Your Greyhound Is Sick and Your Vet Needs Help

Everything you may need to know about your greyhound's health. My 2nd Greyhound Winstin developed Inflammatory Bowel Disease which can be deadly.

Dr Guillermo Couto greyhound health veterinary specialist
Dr. Guillermo Couto Greyhound Health Veterinary Specialist 

Dr. Guillermo Couto and a very wonderful Vet in Rosarito Dr. Francisco Arya saved my greyhound's ( Winstin's life ) when he developed Inflammatory Bowel disease. If your greyhound has Inflammatory Bowel Disease or is sick and your vet needs advice you will be glad that you have heard about Dr. Guillermo Couto and Couto Veterinary Consultants. He was in academia and the Ohio State University Veterinarian School for 30 years. He is considered the world's top greyhound vet and has authored books about greyhound health and treatment of diseases prone to greyhounds.

When Winstin became ill and it was determined after many blood tests and other examinations ruling out parasites, etc I was told by two greyhound adoption groups that Winstin would probably not live. I contacted Susan Stack the vet from the Phoenix Greyhound track and her advice was simple, "you need to contact my master - professor Guillermo Couto from the University of Ohio." Dr. Couto loves greyhounds.

Biography - C. Guillermo Couto, DVM Diplomate ACVIM (Internal Medicine and Oncology)

Dr. Guillermo Couto - The Greyhound Health Initiative   web site

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